1. I missed the whole Bob Dylan phenomenom — and frankly don’t get his appeal. He definitely has a distinctive voice – and your post is awesome.

    I am curious, what are you favorite albums of his? And what’s so great about them?


    • Hey Jake,

      I can’t get enough of “Blonde on Blonde” or “Blood on the Tracks.” Take either for a spin on iTunes. Accessible, superb song craftsmanship and lyricism — or, maybe you just had to be there…

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Kieth,
    Loved this post. In the middle of creating my website and realising the challenge of finding my own voice to reflect it. I think I’m getting there but the temptation to copy and mimic is strong!
    (Grew up on Dylan…my dad had Dylan’s records…my sister sang with Dylan…took the day off school to listen to Blond-on-Blond in bed…the emotional memory is so strong I can smell my bedroom when I listen to it still! Ya…I think you had to be there!)

    • Hey Brendan,
      It is a challenge indeed, and to be honest, I do think we all go through a stage where we can’t help but mimic those we read. That said, you’re *aware* when you mimic, which is the first step, I’d think.
      It really does come down to practice — writing so regularly that as we build confidence we let the influence of others gently fall away.
      Loved your Dylan story — ah, the musical memories of listening to music on my little bedroom turntable!
      Thanks for reading, and commenting.

  3. Jake – ‘Blood on the Tracks’ is my favourite album of all time, without doubt – give it a few listens and if you don’t hear the genius, well, there’s no hope for you I’m afraid! 😉

  4. Keith,
    Ah, a place online where the youngsters are discussing Bob Dylan records!
    There is hope for the world yet.
    Another excellent piece, thanks.

    • Good to see you Mark – yes, sometimes it’s up to us “older generation” to pass on the good stuff… 😉

  5. I loved the article. And I just have to say Amen. I tried it all, yep even trying to copy from other writers that inspired me. I was too worried in the beginning that I wouldn’t say it write, or write it properly, but now that I have a “tribe” starting up I have realized this simple truth – You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, and you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person! Thank you Keith for inspiring me to just step out and write what I was passionate about!

  6. Thank you for this xlnt post! I like it so much I sent it to my writing professor. It brings to mind ‘The Ugly Duckling’. Cheers, mate!

  7. Aloha Keith,
    Thank you for the article. I am just beginning to write and really enjoy your posts. It is so hard not to feel behind when I hear and see others with tribes. I am motivated to create a following and start helping many more people than I can doing conventional medicine in an office setting. I love the statement above from Suzanne which seems to sum this all up – “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, and you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person!”

    • Bodhi,
      Thanks for your comment. And you’ve hit the nail on the head, I think: it’s so easy for all of us to look up and see others with strong voices and thriving tribes and maybe feel a bit behind the curve. My advice when that happens is to put your head down and focus on two things: Your Audience Avatar and the transformation you provide that tribe. I’ve found that heart-guided healers always experience renewed motivation when they focus on how people’s lives will change after finding and consuming their content. I predict a lot of that in your near future.
      Thanks for reading,

  8. Keith has the ability to take a seemingly unrelated subject and bring it to life. I am old enough to have experienced Bob Dylan in his early days. But never mind that. Keith has used the talent and creativity of Bob Dylan to teach us important lessons today. Keith again has brought a message to us in a brilliant and unusual way. Thanks Keith.

  9. How many voices must a man try on, before he’s allowed to be heard?…The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind…🕊

    • Hi Karyn,
      If that’s what I accomplished for you with this post, it makes sweating through countless versions well worth it.

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