1. What a great article! Here’s my latest story…in about an hour, I’m doing a Webinar based on my fundraising book for winners of pet-related Pepsi Refresh grants. They found me through one of the founders of BlogPaws (who incidently met each other at a BlogHer conference). They read my blog at, checked out the book site, and the speaking pages of my site and wanted me to speak for them ASAP. It works 😉

    I’m glad to see what Sue’s doing now too (I met her at the event where I met you and Jon). Thanks for sharing the link to her new site. It’s exciting to see her vision so beautifully realized!

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks, you’ve given us a great example. You’ve established some **deep authority** in your niches, and I’m so happy to see you continue to benefit from tipping points of your own.
      One thing I’ve noticed with businesses at your level are sites with a lot less authority want (and need) to “borrow” a bit of your authority. Not sure if this applies to you, but as more and more offers come pouring in for our own sites, we have to constantly remind ourselves of one question: Is this opportunity a single transaction that won’t further our message, or does it present an opportunity for true message and business **leverage**?
      Thanks for your great comment!

  2. That’s a good point about leverage. I did think about the fact that doing the Webinar might introduce my book Funds to the Rescue to a very targeted group of people who might be interested in it. And the last slide had a picture of the book cover 😉

    A less obvious point for future leverage is that I could update my speaking page to say that I’ve spoken for Pepsi Refresh grantees. They also liked it so much they want me to do another Webinar in the future. So that’s cool too!

    • Susan,
      Thanks for adding a finer point to all of this: your efforts are targeted and relevant, which makes all the difference. And you’re spot-on with the speaking page update: these webinars could be very nice for you, indeed. Keep us posted!

  3. Congratulations on some well-deserved recognition!
    I love how you take the mystery out of building an online presence. Your posts provide practical, realistic steps minus the hype and inflated promises of other marketing “experts.” I’m now optimistic that we’ll reach our own tipping point – not by magic, but through regular posting of valuable content and building relationships. Thanks for demonstrating how it’s done!

    • Great to hear from you, Sylvia, and thanks!
      It’s so cool that you’re starting your newest blogsite on the “right foot” from day one by optimizing every post for the search engines (as well as your readers) so your tipping point partners will find you easily.
      And they will: Having had a glimpse of what you have in store for launch very soon, I’m very optimistic on your behalf, as well.


  4. When I finally became more focused with guest posting on sites that were relevant to my audience and posting comments on these and other relevant sites, a community and conversation really began. When I look at google analytics, these sites are my biggest referrers. I do agree with the philosophy…plus it is more meaningful and I have relevant things to add to the conversation because we all have something in common.

    It makes a difference, but as you mentioned above, getting a bigger venue to notice you and link to you is what creates the tipping points. I will be praying for more of those for you and Jon, Susan, and myself :-)!

    Susan it is great to see what you are doing too. Sounds exciting!

    • Sue, you’ve just demonstrated the key: the kind of leveraged attention we all want to earn revolves around relationships: nurturing and investing over time in the right (relevant) places. I love that you’re watching Google Analytics — and can see the clear path from your meaningful relationship-building to on-site results. I love it when the numbers support the heart 🙂

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