1. You have challenged me; and I have responded. Your course to date has guided me and transformed me. I am now known as the “Nutritional Periodontist” on the Internet. I have people as far away as Australia contacting me though Skype to get my thoughts. I also have two publishers that are reviewing my book, “Hunger for Health”, for possible publication. And, I am now starting a company, which will produce and market my unique recipes for organic toothpastes, an organic denture adhesive, and organic body creams. Thanks Keith!! You have helped me incubate my big ideas.

    • Wow, Dr. Al, this is all fantastic news, and all in the short while we’ve known each other! Congratulations. I love watching a personal brand become as focused as yours is now, snap into place and begin attracting the attention it so richly deserves. Oh, and this is just the beginning for you.
      Onward and Upward…

  2. Love that Your big Beneficial Ideas have turned into a world wide source for thousands of people, just as it has and will for years to come.
    Your extraordinary ‘echo chamber’ of ideas is the kind of support people have been waiting for and yours are the best of the best, thank you for sharing!

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