1. Thank you for this insight. I have had the same reaction to Wayne Dyer. Initially his message resonated with me but later became esoteric. It can be challenging to “dumby down” our knowledge when we work so hard to speak the language of our peers. However, our peers are not usually the ones that need our help.

    • Thanks for reading Susan, happy it wasn’t just me with Dyer 😉

      And your point about your peers is spot on! Lots of folks are bilingual. I think it’s high time for a few doctors to adopt that mindset…

      Thanks for weighing in!

  2. Big fan of Dr. Dyer’s writings and speeches. He changed my outlook on life as well.

    Your point on using simplistic language when communicating with present and future patients is well taken here and in your course Keith. You have got me excited about sharing my knowledge and writing. Now I have to make more time to do it more often.

    • Hello Dr. Dean,

      “Now I have to make more time to do it more often.”

      Yes, you do: we’re counting on you… 😉

  3. You have the ability to bring things back to reality for me. Your description how Dr. Dyer moved beyond the average reader is something I must continue to be aware of as I write for the general public.

    • Dr. Al,
      You are fighting the good fight: constantly upgrading your content with increasing clarity. I applaud you! And more importantly, your audience is reading . . . Keep up the good work.

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