1. Now I understand! I really started to grasp the opportunity for leverage online when I read your article about the “1,000 true fans.”
    And now, you’ve added another layer to this understanding. On my last web site, my web person kept insisting on driving “traffic, more traffic,” but we never achieved anything.
    Now I will focus on “the 1,000” I am most aligned with, and connect and communicate with these people!
    Thank you — I can’t wait to meet them!

    • Hi Iala,
      Great to hear from you, and I’m really happy to hear you’ll be focusing on your niche and your own tribe. I’m sure they’ll be happy to meet you, as well.

  2. Dude, you like wrote a book!
    Please talk more about “dynamic” email — I get the distinction between killing your list with sales pitches and really communicating and communicating value with your list. Tell us more . . . in fact, I could use some more info on email in general.
    Thanks for a great article.

    • Hey Craig,
      Great idea: we’re working on a whole support section on email marketing for the upcoming “toolbox” section of this site.
      Keep your eye on the sidebar . . .
      And thanks for reading.

  3. I worked in network marketing for nearly 10 years, so I understand exactly what you’re talking about. I had trained hundreds of people to do “warm chatter” and build those relationships.

    I love how you’ve brought that same thinking over to the Internet. I have an online product, not on the site that my name links to here, that I’ve been struggling to market. I think I need to get serious about applying these principles consistently.

    Thanks for another great article!

    • Hi Tracey,
      And thanks for another great comment! Someday, I’ll have to write something on MLM (for those of us who drank “the pink koolaid” as Perry Marshall calls his invaluable MLM education.)
      It’s no accident that a lot of us working to build leverage online have at one time passed through the ranks of network marketing (and my dirty little secret is that in another life, I was a Mktg VP for three different networking companies…shhh…)
      I think anyone who can make it through a network marketing experience with a good attitude, with common sense intact (like you…) and with solid principles to follow have a huge advantage over those just trying to figure this all out.
      Thanks again!

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