1. Hi, Keith,

    You’ve hit another home run with this post. A dear friend of mine uses the ‘dating’ analogy too.

    My online ‘dating’ life is lighter than I’d like. I’ve got some wonderful suitors, don’t get me wrong. I need them to share the news of the site with their friends. :~)

    I’ve run through the rest of your suggestions and I believe my site meets all your other suggestions.

    To quote you, ‘When others see people they know talking with you or talking about you, you’ll have a much better chance of encouraging them to come visit your site or blog.’

    After all, everyone wants to be with the ‘in’ crowd and sit at the table with the ‘cool kids’, right?


  2. Dude, you can seriously remember dating? Wasn’t that like three decades ago?
    In all seriousness :-), I’m thinking this dating analogy is making me realize the error of my marketing ways: All of my online sales are “one night stands,” they drop in from Google, pay me, and leave, never to return again.
    I think I’d like to venture into creating a little of that stability you talk about, by actually developing a relationship with these buyers – but heck, that clearly means “dating” them. Better get my hair cut and polish my shoes…

    • Ahem — yes, it *has* indeed been awhile, thank you very much – but some things you never forget, like riding a bike. (As long as we’re talking about overused analogies…)
      Happy to see the relationship marketing model is sinking in 🙂 You’re actually in an industry that lends itself to this kind of marketing. We look forward to seeing your blog!

        • I don’t make the rules, Greg, I only write about them . . .
          And, I’m guessing you do need to brush up on the rules of dating: writing is very much a part of courtship, I would think.
          But, then as you pointed out, it has been awhile. 🙂

  3. Ha! This one really made me smile.
    Again you have a way with placing the online business into a different framework.
    It really IS about relationship building.
    By the way, I enjoyed the Twitter post you linked to in this post – I hadn’t seen that one before, it was very helpful.
    Thanks for the smiles, business can’t always be serious…

    • Thanks for reading, Iala, and for your comments about the Twitter post.
      Look for a Facebook post coming soon. . . there’s a lot going on there you should know about.

  4. Keith,
    At first, reading over your analogy I was struck that it seems this relationship analogy ends with the subscription. It occurs to me that some people date for years before tying the knot…or taking the next step, whatever that next step is for them.
    So, your last step five, “know how to carry the conversation”, it seems to me is the most important part of these five steps, no? I mean, I’ve been on some people’s lists for years and they are still “courting” me, I assume, until I buy something.
    Am I off base here?

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the comment – and you’re right. Carrying on the conversation and deepening the relationship is key. Any hack can collect email addresses– there’s no secret to that. What is becoming increasingly valuable on the new web are relationships.
      Thanks for being part of the TN tribe.

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