1. Hey guys,
    You know I prefer coaching, I’m selfish that way – I like that one-on-one attention 🙂
    Since I “graduated” from your program, I’ve tried a mastermind, and joined a couple of forums. Here’s my problem, maybe it’s just me?
    — The mastermind group was expensive, all the guys in it were helpful, but really not on the same page. I just couldn’t connect.
    Q: How do you find a mastermind you connect with, all on the same page?
    — Frankly, I forget to go into the forums. Even though they are charging my card every month, I just forget.
    — And then if I do remember, once in there, it’s just a big, long list of threads, and you have to spend time digging through them to find something helpful. Am I missing something here?
    Q: Is there some kind of special forum that makes it worth spending that kind of time digging through the threads?

    • Craig,
      Good questions, I’ve experienced many of the same things.
      Finding the right mastermind group can be a bit of trial and error.
      That’s why I recommend connecting with people you resonate with inside forums, and then forming your own group with three or four other people with similar goals or projects.
      As far as making forums work, that’s a hard one.
      Some of the forums on more technical topics are just as you describe: And most people go there to get a specific question answered.
      I’ve found a few forums that really try to draw people in: The Third Tribe, for example, has a “quick links” feature with the newest posts from all threads: I drop in every morning, see if there’s anything I can help with – makes it really easy to participate.
      Good luck!

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