1. I totally agree with this assessment, and not just because I live in the middle of nowhere with no people in sight 😉

    I’m a huge proponent of mastermind groups, not to mention Barbara Sher. (I think I’ve read all her books.) I was in a mastermind group for 3 years that grew out of a publishing program I attended. The net result was that I published 8 or 9 books during that time.

    After that group disbanded, I tried to set up another mastermind, that pretty much flopped because the people weren’t really committed. (Lots of excuses, e.g. “I’m too busy to meet this time.”)

    Last October, I met some people who were just as committed as I am to making 2011 great. We have been meeting every Monday since then. One participant went from zero clients to almost having a full client load (she’s at the point of needing to start outsourcing). She had been about to give up on her biz entirely and credits the group for completely changing her life. Another person launched a new WordPress training course, and as you know we just launched our 10-month book writing and publishing training program.

    I’ve thought about it a lot and I think what makes this mastermind work is 1. Written accountability (we send “mastermind goal worksheets” to each other every week before the call. 2. Meeting regularly and making the calls a priority. 3. The right mix of people. We all have different strengths, but the same values.

    Anyway, I love this idea you have for TransformNation. If there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know!

    • Susan,
      Thanks for sharing your experiences – and I think it’s fantastic you’ve found such a great current mastermind group.
      I agree with your three points that make a mastermind work. I too have been a member of many a group, and for me, what you said nails the differences between the groups that work, and those that don’t: “…different strengths, but the same values.”
      Lots of values to consider, but here’s one: I’ve been a member of mastermind groups where many of the participants were there because they valued the social connection, but had no real urgency about their business. That group went nowhere.
      The common “value” that my successful groups have shared is one I guess we could call “focused urgency.” Everyone in the group has to feel an urgent need to personally move to the next level in their business. Without that personal investment, the group doesn’t work for them – and you get too many of those folks in a group, and the group just doesn’t work for anyone.
      We’ll keep you posted…

    • So Susan, we’ve got a good handle on what we want in a mastermind.
      Now, here is the Big Question: Finding groups like this.

      How did you find/create/attract this group you are with now?
      — Was it through a common “portal” (fellow publishers, etc.)
      — Was it at an event?
      — Was it a “self created” group (people with common experience in a forum said, one day, “hey, let’s put on a show!”)
      — Is it an on-going group with a common leader and the members come and go?
      — Would you say there a general “Universal” theme to finding a mastermind with focused and urgent fellow-members?

  2. For different reasons, I and another person had dropped out of a paid marketing forum, but stayed in touch via email. During an email conversation, I suggested the mastermind idea to her. She then suggested and invited a colleague she had met through a JV. All 3 of us had an initial “are we compatible?” call together and discussed the format with the worksheets etc. Then it went on from there.

    So to use your terms, it was a self-created group. (“Let’s put on a show, Judy!”) But two of us had a common frame of reference from having participated in the other forum. There’s no “leadership” per se, although I set it up and we use my conference line.

    The general universal theme is pretty much make more money and get more clients, which we all are focused on doing 😉

    Does that help?

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