1. Hi, This is so inspiring! Every one I read is pure genius I hope you are gaining momentum in this remarkable adventure you guys are on…this is so informative and I am sharing every chance I get.
    Love you guys, thanks. Carolyn

  2. This is an excellent summation of the solopreneur’s challenge, and opportunity. I have been working on putting the 3 leg’s in place during the past year. I would love to see a follow-up post regarding how to get all three in place while maintaining cash flow. I think both for myself, and my clients, that is a challenge. How do you prioritize your time when you are missing one leg of the stool, which is needed to maximize profitability? Do you see the circular nature if you are already in business? This may give you several follow-up posts!

    • Sue,
      You’ve made tremendous progress putting these three in place this year. I think your are right – is is always a challenge. Maybe juggling three balls would have been a better analogy than a stool standing on three legs! I do believe that there are ways to embed these qualities into your business model, into your daily and weekly planning and into your mindset so that it becomes more natural and less of a balancing act over time. In fact, I think that creating leverage and having help are so critical to ‘solopreneurs’ for the very reason that it is not realistic to continue juggling forever. I will definitely be following up on this post with more thoughts on that subject.

  3. This article speaks to me! It gets lonely trying to do it all. Finding networking groups takes time, yet the feedback is so needed as is
    the mutual support. Leverage so you are not exchanging time for dollars per hours is vital. I too would love several follow up posts
    as to how to do all of this and make a good living.

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