1. Hey Keith,
    You know I love what you guys and your *laser-focused simplification ray guns* have done to help me launch my business into hyperspace – and I’m trying to keep it real by using your “four focusing steps.”

    But your article draws this question: I’m not drawn to “simple” solutions: in fact I run from anything promising “three simple steps” to anything; and I don’t think my customers are drawn to simple, either. So I’m (momentarily) confused.

    Thanks, and keep rockin’ the great content!

    • Craig,

      Good question, thanks for the chance to clarify. . .

      Don’t get me wrong: I don’t necessarily think that people are always drawn to the most simple product or solution – no matter how complex your product may be, the doorway to that product has to be hyper-simple.

      Like you, I’m usually not drawn to a simple-appearing solution. If I have (what I believe) is a complex problem, I want a solution that at least appears comprehensive enough to handle it.

      Turns out my man, Seth Godin, had a relevant quotable nugget a week or so ago. He wrote this in a post titled “The myth of the simple business plan:”

      The secret to classic industries is that each step in the plan must be simple. So simple that it’s easy to explain and scale. But those simple steps can certainly add up to a complex web.

      Once we start adding pieces together, the whole of anything becomes complex by nature. But your next steps must be simple, clear, and actionable – or they’ll never happen.

      That’s what our coaching and consulting focuses on lasering-in on your next steps to leverage – and clear-cutting anything that stands in the way.

      Hope that clears it up, Craig.

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