1. Connie Lee says

    Hi, Keith,

    Wow! Thank you for sharing another inspiring post while holding a mirror to my face. Me thinks you must have returned from some kind of ‘Tough Love’ seminar. :~)

    When my head hits my pillow each night, I’ll now ask myself: ‘Have I done everything I could today, to nurture, care for and expand my blog, ?

    Very dear friends turned me onto Steven Pressfield. The man is a genius!

    Please allow me to share my favorite quote from Pressfield on human nature. It sits on my desk, staring back at me, in an inspiring kind of way.

    ‘The more important a project is to your soul’s evolution, the more you’ll resist it.’
    ~Steven Pressfield

    Your post inspired me to take inventory of the ways I could be holding myself more accountable.

    Thank you for the kick in the proverbial pants, brother!


    • Keith says

      Hi Connie,
      Thanks for the great comment! And amen to that Pressfield quote – that’s the challenge, in a nutshell. That mirror was definitely held to my face, first.
      Thanks for reading, Connie.

  2. Gregory says

    I’m headed for the airport, so I’m gonna’ hack away at this comment and tell you: “I cave!” After much arm twisting, you sold me on Seth, and now Steven Pressfield is downloading on my kindle as I write this. Seems like ideal plane-fare.
    Thanks for an inspiring post – a lot of food for thought.

    • Connie Lee says


      I don’t know how long your flight is, but there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to finish Steven Pressfield’s book before you land. Pressfield’s books are quick, short reads, ala: Seth Godin’s.

      My copy of ‘The War of Art’ is filled with post-it notes marking pages. Like Keith, I find myself re-reading sections at least once a month to keep fanning the flames of inspiration.

      I’d love to hear what you think of ‘The War of Art’ after you read it.


  3. Craig says

    Hey Keith, this post hit on a topic I’m really interested in right now – but you just touched on it. More, please!?!
    You quote Seth Godin about making your world small enough to be best in that niche. That is a very cool concept, and I’d really like to grasp that fully. Could you do a post on that?
    Thanks for the book recommendations. Already got the War of Art, and that Mastery book looks great.

  4. Iala! says

    I am responding to your thought-provoking questions: I built my own therapy practice and I guess you Americans would call that “Entrepreneurship?” I was attending school and working as an intern at a hospital and knew I wanted to have my own practice. Others I graduated University with who also told me they wanted their own practices still don’t have their own, and I do. The difference, I believe, is what Steven Pressfield points to, he is correct, I believe: You can not be just “dabbling” or vaguely interested in building a business, you must be 100% committed.
    Even though I was working a part-time job when I established my practice, my focus on starting that practice was intensely focused 100% on making it work. And now, I am starting my internet business, and like my practice twenty years ago, I am 100% committed to making this work. Thank you for the inspiration. Happy new year!

    • Keith says

      Hello Iala!
      Nice to hear from you again, and thanks for sharing the story of building your practice.
      I am certain you will bring the same level of success to your new online business that you have to your therapy practice.
      Thanks for reading,

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