1. Wow, I was just thinking about this type of thing. One goal we’ve had for a while is to do more videos. But I can’t make myself get all set up, put on nicer clothes, and be all formal. Ugh. So I had an idea to embed doing a video into something we’re already doing and really HAVE to do every day: walking dogs. (After all, NOT taking out the dogs has some seriously unpleasant consequences.) All we have to do is remember to take the video camera with us.

    We’ll see if it works, but hey, it’s worth a try 😉

    • Susan,
      Brilliant; If we’re going to embed, may as well choose something *we’re already doing* rather than having to invent something new.
      And, assuming you don’t “dress up and be all formal” when you take the dogs out for a walk, I think the whole casual, natural approach would really serve your videos well.
      Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Great article, baffled this year by the whole “goal setting” thing, just the shot in the arm I needed.

    • Craig,
      I spent many-a-year baffled by whatever missing link eluded me when it came to that “whole goal-setting thing.”
      Combine all the goal-setting stuff with all the “new age” expectations (“Affirmations” (Attraction”) added on top of the straightforward psychology of success (Attitude, focus, persistence, etc..) I just finally threw up my hands and quit trying to figure it all out.
      I realized I accomplished more when I focused on Action.
      Specifically, The Next Action. Scheduled, Embedded.
      And interestingly, all the rest just fell into place.
      Funny how that works…
      Thanks for reading . . .

  3. Uh no, I don’t get dressed up to walk the dogs. At this point, it’s freezing out there in the snowy forest. I might switch to wearing a slightly less ugly jacket I guess 😉

  4. Lovely piece. I just found your beautiful site and your topic mix is quite timely for me. I am a therapist and find I need more focus on marketing my practice online. This year I would like to do many things: write a book, create some “leverage” as you call it, and expand my opportunities. Your writings have not only given me hope that I can attain this — but some steps, as well.
    Thanks and I will keep reading!

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