1. Hey Keith,

    Thanks for the post. Out of curiosity, when you say you’ve seen practitioners gain traction as early as 60 posts, what do you define as traction? Income from the business, visits/month or some other metric?

    I’m also interested in your recommendation on the frequency of posting, I saw you mention it in your email but didn’t see your recommendation in the content.

    Great info – thanks again for posting this!

    • Hi Dr Childs,
      Thanks for reading, appreciate your comment.
      The EvergreenAudience philosophy is based on your audience finding you, choosing you, and returning often for more. So “traction” for the purposes of our practitioner content “conversion cycle” is defined as an identifiable and noticeable increase in qualified traffic to at least the top 20% of your posts. Non-traction, to illustrate, would be an equal number of visitors to all posts across the board — high page “bounce rates” and other on-page metrics reflecting low engagement.

      Once you begin seeing a measurable, marked spike in regular visits to a number of your posts — and they are proving they are qualified with a high percentage of subscriber opt-ins and other important on-page metrics (time spent on site, etc), you’ll know you’re gaining that all important audience traction. With that kind of traction established, all else follows.

      Posting frequency really depends on several things, really: your audience preferences, your resources, and your content type. I’d rather see one thoughtful, well-organized, well-researched and in-depth piece per week go live than five haphazard, light-weight throw-away pieces that Google (and your target audience) will simply ignore.
      Hope that helps!

  2. Love this post. I’ve been wondering if blogging is the best way to grow my practice. At times I get discouraged by the numbers. But when I see how many posts it takes to build a business, I gain perspective.

    • Hi Aaron,
      Thanks for the comment: It really puts this into perspective, doesn’t it? It’s my mission to encourage more of you talented and visionary healers to fill the web with solid, reliable expertise so more of those Google searchers find the answers they seek. I’m happy to see you’re among those healers.
      Thanks for reading!

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